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| January 31st, 2008

His fingertips slowly, softly traced the curves of skin.
He kept his touch light, knowing the game well. A light touch, a gentle moan.He was behind her, caressing her body. His lips hovered just above her neck. He whispered promises as he teased her.
Sweet torture.

She wanted him to grab her hips. She wanted him to take her. Her eyes were closed, but she knew his lips were curled into a smirk. An insufferable smirk.

She bit her lower lip as she started to dance. Her wide, beautiful hips were the center of his universe. She slowly swayed them and her body followed. His touch became more powerful, more desperate. His kisses on her neck stronger, faster. She knew he couldn’t take much more.
Sweet torture.

He spun her around. He fell into her deep eyes.