The Breath of the Lion

| January 16th, 2010

An old man and done.
The last lion lays down in the snow.
His life a balance of sin and honor.
A warrior, a criminal, a savage.

An old man and done.
An epitaphe for a forgotten foe.
Haunted, alone and discarded.
Who lived in tales of glory.

An old man and done.
Soon repast for a carrion crow.
He walked this crimson road.
His sword ever in hand.

Who will remember this fierce souled man?
Who ran from crimes forgotten long ago?
A sacred name, with great power
A name that all men feared an admired.

Close your eyes yon traveler and ask
What man withstand the merest thought
Or walk this world without a shudder or shiver
Thinking upon the Breath of the Lion?

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