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| May 27th, 2016

Sometimes I wish I could resign from the world



Recline into my comfortable thoughts and drift away.

Be a disassociated mess, regress, repress from all the duress I find.

Sometimes I wish I could detach, drift away, unlatch and say goodbye.

Sometimes, I wish I could vacate myself, and who I have become.

I wish I could leave my weaknesses behind and advance a new man,

a better man,

I wish I could escape beyond, and not decend into my miasmic life.


| June 4th, 2010

Look yonder upon the hill,
Look yonder upon the shore,
Stand slump and ever still,
and follow me no more,

Follow the path of the setting sun
Follow the lazy stream
Your quest ended before it begun
A forgotten and festered dream

Mine is the fire! The flame!
My gaze hard, my path assumed
And there is no other soul to blame
if my heart is consumed.

Requiem Roads

| May 27th, 2010

Of days in distant destinies
Things shelved and wanderings saved
Upon dream seas, listing dangerously
Lost, lusting for the love I craved
Singing an unrequited melody
Her lips are a misplaced memory
Some lost idle wild verdant journey
But those requiem roads are paved.