Running a Server is an Art.

When your business needs to be online, they look to you, the network administrator to keep them there. You need to find a place for your dedicated server that offers up time, safety, access, and no excuses. You want ipHouse.

ipHouse’s Data Center is the perfect place to colocate your small business’ server. Are you just getting off the ground? ipHouse can grow with you. We’ll see your business from the ground up, and offer your the bandwidth and space you need when you expand. You’re the next big thing, and ipHouse is there for you.

Located in Minneapolis, one of’s top cities for business in 2007, ipHouse services a diverse range of customers. Fully managed servers, colocation, email and web hosting, data services, and, custom solutions, we do it all. We’re the resource that IT professionals turn to again and again because we understand what it takes to keep your company online.

ipHouse,  We are Your Internet Service Professionals!