The Mystery.

| April 29th, 2008

There is a thing that is near memory. A thing that pulses and pounds within the human heart. It ebbs and flows with the tides of our blood. It spikes with the tingle of forgotten nerves. It dews in every tear, draws with every breath, and flits away with every smile. There is a thing that is beyond remembrance, and sensation, beyond that what we know, what we can grasp. There is a thing that echoes in the depths of our dreams, and hides behind every thought that we make A forgotten thing, and yet remembered for a time when we laugh or sing. When smell the odors of home, or touch the patina of our lives. Life and death play out a thousand dramas within a land, a feeling, a world which we can never know, but know is ever there. There is no time, all moments compressed into a single heartbeat, all places within the immediate. Passion, sorrow, salvation, despair. All things and nothing and the shadow of infinite and yet fleeting moments. All poets seek it, and fear it. They flee and follow it. And yet none know what it is.

Freedom to Rant.

| December 27th, 2007

We are all bound by the scope of our lives. Bound to bounce maddingly within our own bell jars… unable to understand, to contemplate that there is more out there for us. More than just the boundaries that we may place upon ourselves, or the boundaries that our placed upon us.

We are more than our paychecks. We are more than our mortgages. We are more than our jobs. We are more than our arguments, our anxieties, our addictions, our compulsions.

We are not moths enslaved to the light of our dreams. We are not children who believe in absolute justice, encompassing fairness or delusions of grandeur.

We are more… If we choose to become more.

But we each must make a choice.

We each must step into the wilderness, the unknown, the uncomfortable, the known.

Break out of your paper prisons!

Break out of your glass houses!

Break away from your race, your culture, your potential.

Break away from the judgments placed upon you, the expectations that surround you, the life that confounds you!

Break free!

You are not beautiful, you are not unique, you are a cog.

You are not a prophet, you are not a savior, you are an object.

You are not a loser, you are not an outsider, you are a number at the bottom of a balance sheet.

You are nothing more than what you are unless you choose to become something else!

We are a generation lost, adrift, forgetful.

We seek community but atomize our society.

We seek our definition in that infinite darkness that lay between us.

Divided, we are conquered

The miasma of unchecked consumerism has us in our grip.

We are slaves to our own desires.