| April 29th, 2008

I’ve spent some time drinking beer and wine
and all I’ll ever do is sigh,
Had love ripen like a grape on summer the vine
Picked under the late August sky
I’ve had friends roll in like the midday tide
and watch them roll out again
Some sought bright lights, and others died
some are constant like the winter wren
I’ve heard sad songs and I’ve played them too
and danced when the autumn trees wept
But the only sweet song I haven’t sung is for you
and that’s something that I’ll have to accept

The Mystery.

| April 29th, 2008

There is a thing that is near memory. A thing that pulses and pounds within the human heart. It ebbs and flows with the tides of our blood. It spikes with the tingle of forgotten nerves. It dews in every tear, draws with every breath, and flits away with every smile. There is a thing that is beyond remembrance, and sensation, beyond that what we know, what we can grasp. There is a thing that echoes in the depths of our dreams, and hides behind every thought that we make A forgotten thing, and yet remembered for a time when we laugh or sing. When smell the odors of home, or touch the patina of our lives. Life and death play out a thousand dramas within a land, a feeling, a world which we can never know, but know is ever there. There is no time, all moments compressed into a single heartbeat, all places within the immediate. Passion, sorrow, salvation, despair. All things and nothing and the shadow of infinite and yet fleeting moments. All poets seek it, and fear it. They flee and follow it. And yet none know what it is.


| January 31st, 2008

His fingertips slowly, softly traced the curves of skin.
He kept his touch light, knowing the game well. A light touch, a gentle moan.He was behind her, caressing her body. His lips hovered just above her neck. He whispered promises as he teased her.
Sweet torture.

She wanted him to grab her hips. She wanted him to take her. Her eyes were closed, but she knew his lips were curled into a smirk. An insufferable smirk.

She bit her lower lip as she started to dance. Her wide, beautiful hips were the center of his universe. She slowly swayed them and her body followed. His touch became more powerful, more desperate. His kisses on her neck stronger, faster. She knew he couldn’t take much more.
Sweet torture.

He spun her around. He fell into her deep eyes.